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Was a writ of execution issued? Returned?

Miami, FL |

We have a final, executable judgment in a civil case. We had a lawyer, but we are now pro se. How do I find out if a writ of execution was issued? If one was issued, how can I find out if it was returned unsatisfied. I believe I need these items to implead third parties. I looked at the docket (which is long and convoluted), and I saw a couple things that might relate to this, but nothing was very clear.

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Impleading parties and supplementary proceedings are truly beyond your ability pro se to handle. I would recommend you speak with an attorney. I am in Miami and would be happy to review your documentation. Is the defendant viable? No specific return of the execution is needed anymore, you can simply allege that reality if you dont have any assets you know about. You need to do discovery from the defendant to determine if there are any assets.

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