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Warranty not fullfilled by the dealership

Atlanta, GA |

purchased a vehicle with warranty, now t.he dealership will not take responsibility

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Is the warranty in writing? What are the terms? Is the problem covered by the warranty? Have you had the problem diagnosed? I always suggest getting a mechanic other than the dealer to diagnose the problem then demand the repairs be made under the terms of the warranty.



I have took the car to the mechanic and yes he has diagnosed it and there are over 7000 worth of defects on the vehicle. I have sent the report to the dealer but he won;t pay nor will he return my money back.


The smartest car sales fraud lawyer in Georgia is Mike Flinn in Atlanta. If the dealer won't take care of this for you, and you think that are supposed to, then call Mike. He can tell you what your rights are and what needs to be done.

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No better attorney on these issues in GA than Mr. Flinn. You can find him here:

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