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Warrant has been issued by probation officer for leaving office and not taking piss test

Anniston, AL |

I started new job out of town and missed my report day set up appointment to report when I got there he said I had to take UA but before I took it I left so I wouldn't miss work and lose new job that he had been demanding I get what is likely going to happen now and will I receive any new charges

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There is really no way to answer this question. A great deal depends upon your probation officer and his or her willingness to cooperate and be flexible in this matter. As best I understand, you were aware that you had to report to your probation officer and submit to screening, but you failed to do so. That act is sufficient to cause the probation officer to issue a delinquency report. Whether or not the court holding probation over this case will order revocation of probation is unknown and uncertain. You are entitled to representation by counsel and a full due process hearing before the court can order revocation. Your best course of action at this point is to retain a qualified criminal defense attorney that can represent you. This needs to be done as soon as possible.


He or she can file to have your probation revoked.

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