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Warrant for arrest in the NCIC system?

California |

How do a person can find out if there is a warrant for his arrest in the NCIC system?

Does he need to hire an attorney to find out about that?
Your answer is appreciated.
Thank you.

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Attorney answers 1


If you know someone at a local law enforcment agency have them run a check. Perhaps a relative could initiate the request.



I strongly disagree with Mr. Levy. The system is for law enforcement and government only If you did have a friend in law enforcement and they did a inquiry on the system, they would have to state the reason and if they said, for a friend or for personal reasons that officer would be seriously reprimanded. Like I said, this is the governement and if you have a felony outstanding warrant, you can bet your name, dob, ssn and mugshot has been entered on the system.