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Wanted to know what will be a fair settlement with a 10% to the knee cant return to previous job two surgeries my ttd 526$ weekl

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It is WAY more complicated than that. Your 10% WPI is altered by your age and occupation, and could actually be worth 6-23% (ballpark) afterward. Your future medical needs could be worth 2,000-25,000, depending on what the doctor says. Your Retraining Voucher could be worth 4-6,000 depending on your final PD Rating. Your PD benefit rate of 230 per week could be increased or decreased by 15% if your Employer makes Modified Work available to you. In short, there is no way to tell unless you hire a WC Attorney to evaluate ALL your facts. 7,000 might be enough, or 40,000 may not depending on multiple considerations.

We offer general concepts, but you should give ALL your facts to a licensed Attorney in your state before you RELY upon any legal advice.

Brett A. Borah

Brett A. Borah


I agree.


I agree with Mr. Corson. Talk to a local WC attorney.


Get a wc atty - this is way to complicated for a non lawyer


If you can't do your previous job, your employer may be able to accommodate you by transferring you to a new job that does not exceed any work restrictions you have.

David Mallen

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