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Want to sue my tax preparer

Miami, FL |

I want to sue the person that did my taxes they took $900 from me. They deposited my refund in their bank account without me knowing they took $400 out then put the rest on a debit card but before getting my card I had to pay $500 to them to get the card. I know they are doing illegal stuff tax wise in that place they everything from fake w-2 to fake expenses amounts. The Guy I found out from him that people in the place have NO license to be doing taxes period. I also seen on my tax paper that they filed for fuel expenses but I don't even have a license or a car. I contacted the IRS a d told them but they told me that its a civil matter. I'm looking into filing a lawsuit against the person that did them and the company she works for and I want to know what are my rights and find a lawyer

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Contact the authorities. (police)
These guys days are drawing to an end with the new PTIN rules which require people to be licensed before doing taxes.

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I would inform both the IRS, as they can revoke the company's PTINs. Also, this is a state consumer law issue as well by the way you are describing it. I would get the local authorities involved as well. The reality is, states do pull the ability of companies to do business in their state when their practices are this egregious. You usually see it with towing companies, etc.

Christopher Larson


Report them to the local police, district attorney and your local IRS office.

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Contact the IRS Director of Practice, Karen Hawkins, in Washington, DC. Contact information is on the IRS website:

Internal Revenue Service
Office of Professional Responsibility
SE:OPR, Room 7238/IR
1111 Constitution Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20224

Phone Number: (202) 927-3397
Fax Number: (202) 622-2207

They will take the information. Give them all the details, fax it over, and make sure they receive it.

Good luck.


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