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Want to report a company to Department of Labour for its labor practice ... please suggest how to proceed

Saint Louis, MO |

Hi , I am us citizen and recently came across multiple IT Contracting company , who are dealing with FAKE recruiting , fake experience , Fake experience and placing candidates in fortune 100 companies .

Both these companies are recruiting college students and hiring them and making 8-10 years fake exp and placing them with big banks etc...

The companies practice is hurting US citizen .. who are either not selected and if selected told that they are getting cheap labor for more exp somewhere else....

I am looking to report companies like this to DOL . Please suggest if there is any way these companies and their owners can be made accountable ..

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You go on the website for these government agencies, and they usually tell you how to report.

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Go to DOL website or call them. They will outline complaint procedures.

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Go to the Department of Labor website at:

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