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Want to know my rights

Madison Heights, MI |

Went to visit my Sister and had a friend take care of my dog for 4 days and my x called the cops and said i abanded my dog, and i diden't hes a very healthy dog and now my x wants me to sigh a document and he wont give me the dog back unless i sign it and the police let him inside my house to get my dog, and there was nothing wrong with my dog just my x being controling if i sign this document, i feel like i will have no rights to my dog read please

[name 1], is willfully handing over the dog to [name 2] on January, 28 2012
Only under the terms and conditions set forth on this legal document, I [name 2],
Living at [location 1], promise to relinquish my dog to [name 1],
If i do not have a place to live and care for my dog,at any givin time now or in the future
I also promise to notify and give a house key to [name 1], everytime i will leave
my house for 24 hours, so that [name 1], maybe at that time and the primary and only care
Giver to my dog, so that he may feed water and take him outside to potty

I also promise to leave an emergency phone number everytime so i can be reached
At anytime during the trips away from my house, [name 1], is caring for my
Dog, so that [name 1], can get into contact with me, regarding any issues involving my dog

If i [name 2], at any givin time now or in the future, deside not to obide by the above
conditions i will surrender the dog to [name 1], if i chose not to fallow voluntary
surrender my dog to [name 1], Then Steven will contact the Police
Department, and turn in the legal document as proof of a mutually binding agreement
that has not been fallowed legal action will be made at this point to remove the dog,
From [name 2], and the dog will be handed over to [name 1], as the new
and rightful owner, at this point the dog will never be returned to [name 2].

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This is a dog. Don't give your "ex" a key to your house. The police will not enforce this contract, they solve crimes. Take care of the dog and make voluntary arrangements for your dog even letting your "ex" dog sit. This is all projected dysfunction. You or your "ex" can't let go. Dogs cost about $10,000 to properly care for a dog over their lifetimes. If you can't afford the dog let your "ex" have it. If you can take care of the dog get it.

My information suggests you do not sign this contract, get the dog and be done with it, or let it go, it's a dog, not a child.

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Wow, way too many problems with the ex. Don't sign it and keep her as an ex. If she is an ex, be done with her. Get your dog and take care of it. When you are gone, have someone else look after the dog but not the ex. Change the locks on your house. Stay far away from your ex. Do not enter into this strange contract at all. Good luck!

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First of all, you should not post this kind of information on a public website - seriously, what were you thinking? You've just given your ex plenty more to be pissed off about.

Second, you really need to speak with an attorney since I am betting there is way more to this story than what you have posted.The State Bar of Michigan can give you a referral:

If we do not have a signed fee agreement I am not your attorney and this is not legal advice.


I'm sorry to hear about all these problems. I agree with the advice of the above lawyers, and I wish you well.

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