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Wandering about immigration policy and drivers license? Visa Immigration

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There is a new thing about illegals or over stayers being able to get drivers licensees. There have been skeptics that have voiced concern over potential misuse of the program to target and deport people living here illegally.Personally i have overstayed my school visa, due to financial reasons however i am back on track to completing it. The problem, is considering the gross miss use of power and authority shown by the Obama admin in terms of NSA,IRS,FAST and FURIOUS etc not to add to the fact more people have been deported under the Obama administration than even George Bush, the supposed bad guy!. Anyways please i would like some legal advice as i plan on getting married and could really use a car and a license, but i am scared. immigration visa.

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Only a few states grant driver licenses to immigrants who are out of status. In many cases, the driver license will expire when the immigrant's legal status ends. However, the information the MVD collects about you is not reported to USCIS. If your future spouse is a US citizen s/he may petition you once you two are married. As always, consult a lawyer to analyze your situation thoroughly.

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Each State has its own rules for issuance of drivers licenses.

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DMVs all over the country are getting stricter and requiring proof of legal immigration status prior to issuing or renewing driver's licenses. But I don't see how this is Obama's fault since the Real ID Act was passed in 2005 when president Bush was still in power.

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MD has a great program that started January 2014. If you are out of status, among other things, you must show that you filed taxes in MD for the last two years (comptroller certification required), show residence in MD (bills, leases), a valid id (valid passport) and you will get yourself a license. MVA DOES NOT, regularly, SHARE DATA WITH USCIS. I have put in the link to md MVA requirements. If you found this answer helpful or best, please mark it so.


Is your spouse a U.S citizen? Do you still have your I-94 or I-20 (proof of entry to the U.S.)? You probably should seek legal counsel. If you do not have admissibility issues, it appears you may be able to adjust. Again check with an attorney.