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Walk-Away from Debt?

Dallas, TX |

I am 36 and living with my parents. They provide me with free room and board. I moved out of my apartment, without mgt's approval, and moved into their home. My questions are: 1) I'd like to walk-away from all my debts, no matter the results to my credit rating. Can I file for Chapter 11, or 13, or whatever and just be done with my thirty-thousand dollar debt? 2) Can debt collectors harrass or threaten me when filing for bankruptcy?

I live in Texas, and the folks are willing to support me for the foreseeable future. Like the next ten years or so. But I'm wondering about the law, and where I stand on the ability to simply say, "I can't pay all my debts."??

Thank you for your time!

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You may be a good candidate for a chapter 7 bankruptcy, which discharges debts, with some exceptions. We have pretty good information about bankruptcy on our website. Check it out and call meer for a free consultation.

I am licensed only in Texas. Offering information of a general nature in response to a question is not intended to be legal advice in your state.


You can file and probably qualify for chapter 7 in which case all of youth unsecured debt will be discharged.

This answer does not create an attorney client relationship between you and I. I am not your attorney unless we both sign a written contract that describes our relationship and terms of the representation. Any information provided to you here is not a substitute for the advice you need to pursue any legal matter. I advise you to retain the services of a local attorney before taking any legal action in this matter.


If you're saying that you are being threatened or harassed by debt collectors, feel free to send me a message for more information when you are able. I know people in your area with my firm who can assist you, and would be happy to provide you with any information.

Sometimes these collectors end up owing you up to $1000.00 for violating federal law, or also $500-1500.00 per call made after you told them to stop calling if they are using an auto-dialer to call you. I have also seen many debt collectors who own people's debts waive the debt to avoid being sued, no matter how much the debt is. These collectors should only be dealing with you in a legal manner, and you might be surprised at what is illegal that you might not have originally though was illegal.

Please do not take my answer to be legal advice that would establish any attorney-client relationship. Please take it as a general response from my own experience in response to your question. I hope you find it helpful.

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