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Wal Mart is trying to come at me with two theft charges when i never got stopped by a employee or cop, what can i do?

Stephenville, TX |

Ive been caught and arrested in the store last summer, had court plead guilty, paid all fines on court date for the court and probation, and was put on 3 month probation. I was employed as a live in nanny raising a 2yr & 5yr old, had foodstamp card, debit card, and cash, had a guy i just met through close friends give me a ride to the store, i was scanning and put all on food-stamp card and it just splits what the foodstamp card cant take, i handed cash to the guy with me, we left store never got stopped not a thing, i received all this theft charge stuff by mail, according to the cop on the paper he read me my rights and arrested me, but neither took place, the items that are on the paper of what i am accused of stealing, never set foot in my house. And now a warrant is set out, please help!!

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Well it should be easy enough toprove you weren't arrested, because there won't be any book-in paperwork. I'm not sure if this matters (I can't tell much about your cases based on the facts you've provided), because it's not unusual for a case to be filed at large. You need to start interviewing defense attorneys right away.

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Retain a private attorney in your jurisdiction and prepare your defense. Good luck!


Set aside the details for a moment and this boils down to you are saying you are innocent of the present charge against you.

If you can afford a lawyer, get one now. Landon Northcutt is in your part of the state. I have seen his work enough at the courthouse in Brownwood to respect his skills. You might start by meeting with him about this.

Whether you can afford to hire an attorney or have to get a court appointed lawyer, you do need a lawyer. A lawyer can sit down with you, go over what happened, and just maybe convince the prosecutor that a mistake was made in charging you this time.

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