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Waiving bail for unpaid tickets

Chico, CA |

I have a friend with 3 delinquent traffic tickets. Her license has been suspended. She wants to work out a payment plan, but because bail was attached, she will have to pay nearly $3,000.00. Is there any way she can go about getting the bail fees waived, or have the total cost lowered?This is in California. Thank you.

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As for bail, the judge can set bail in a lower amount. Try asking the judge to release you on your own recognizance.

As for the fine, sometimes a judge will reduce the fines or suspend part of the fines or allow you to perform community service in lieu of paying the fines. Ask the judge, you might be surprised what they will do. As a final option, you may be able to serve jail time in lieu of payment of the fines.

Good luck.

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