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WA state's WC, premium contribution from employee

Bellevue, WA |

1) WA state's WC program allows employer to deduct certain portion of premium fee from employee if a company chose to do so. In that case, does WA law require Employer to explain to every employee and get written concent to practice that option?

2) In this case, WC premium deduction is considered a "payroll tax" since this is state operated program ? Or, is this purely asking employee to help insurance cost like Medical insurance ?

3) If company opted for employee contribution method:
Does it mean it must be clearly deducted from all employee's by an equal method (deduct directly from Net), not waiving to certain EEs who may be under special type of employment ? (ex: people from certain countries on a visa has a Tax Treaty with US and exempt from FICA or other "tax" items. )

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The folks at L & I would be glad to help you out with those questions.

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