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WA state child custody laws, appealing child protective services report

Marysville, WA |

We''ve signed a voluntary services agreement with DCFS in Snohomish County, Washington, under threat of CPS taking our baby and placing him in foster care. Not even three weeks after we signed and began their services (of the one's we've completed so far, all evaluations and tests have come back clean and favorable to us) we recieved a letter from CPS saying that their allegations were unfounded and that the case was closed. Because we "volunteered" our signatures, though, we're still being threatened with that "pick-up order" (where they take your child) unless we go for the one last evaluation.
They only give us one option for who to go to for the last evaluation, and it's a state-funded evaluator and treatment provider, who, it's pretty clear is only in business to process state funded cases.
Is it possible, to rescind our signatures since the original CPS case is unfounded and closed?

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I would say that you are in the classic "Rock and Hard Place" situation. Having CPS say the case is unfounded is a good thing. In my experience, it takes a lot to have them get involved in the first place. The fact that you are already almost done is even better. I would suggest that you go and finish the process so that if there is someone out there making these referals, you can show that you completed the process and came out of the process with only clean and favorable results.

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