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Vop and domestic violence we both got arrested i tripped drunk and stupid thought he pushed me and i hit him cops saw me but due

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him protecting me since i never been to jail he took the blame the cops took us both. little to say they took me to the hospital for broken nose and since id ont remember what happened i told the hospital the cops did it i dont want him to do two years in jail he goes to court on monday i pay 100 week if someone can help me defend him please i beg you we have 3 kids and he was the one to care for them and i am unable to pay or work so please help

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If you and your husband can't afford an attorney then your husband will be assigned a public defender. If you would rather hire private counsel, you should use the Florida Bar's referral service. They can refer you to an attorney in your area. Go to Good Luck!

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You will get a court appointed attorney if you can not afford one.


I would advise him to apply for a Public Defender. The applications are available with the Clerk of Court. You may also contact the State Attorney's Office if you are looking to make a statement. Sometimes they have victim classes you have to take, or a victims coordinator you need to speak with. You may also write a statement, have it notarized, and deliver it to the State Attorney's Office. You say that you are both charged, so if that is the case I caution you against making any statements against your own interest without speaking with an attorney. If you qualify you may also obtain a Public Defender. If the Public Defender ascertains there is a conflict of interest between you and your male counterpart they will appoint conflict counsel.