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Visitation time

Vineland, NJ |

if the non-custodial parent is in arrears for child support and has been non compliant with the present visitation agreement by only showing up less than half the time ordered , can they go to court and ask for more visiting time?

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Unfortunately, a litigant can generally go to court and request any relief, whether it may be granted or not. If an individual is voluntarily not exercising his/her court ordered parenting time it is unlikely that a court would grant that person more parenting time. In fact, you may want to file a cross-motion seeking to have that individuals parenting time reduced so as to more accurately reflect the actual parenting time that had been exercised. If that party's parenting time is officially reduced you may be entitled to secure more child support.

Kenneth A. White, Esq.
New Jersey Family Law Attorney

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I agree with Mr. White. While parents may make certain requests, it doesn't mean that the court will grant it if the parent doesn't even show responsibility in meeting their current visitation schedule.

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