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Visitation rights for non custodial parent

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i am the mother of a 7 month old baby. his dna results from the state just came back. and the father up until this point has had no involvement financially or physically. is now assuming that he has 50% percent rights, and will get 50% custody. insisting on coming to see him several 2-3 times per week. thinking he has rights to bathe him, change his diaper etc.hes being demanding about it, acting like i have to let him come see him whenever he wants and as long as he wants. i recieve child support from the state and have been for 7 months. is married, has had a girlfriend for 24 years, which is the whole time hes been married. he lives with her, because his house is forclosed on. has no job, major health problems, is 53 years old, (thats twice my age) got his drivers license suspended, then taken for driving with it suspended. has been caught drinking and driving, the court cases are mostly to do with driving while intoxicated, or having an open container in the vehicle. has a order of protection against his own son. and had a business he didnt pay rent on, got evicted, and didnt show up to the court case. this was a year ago and interest on the fine builds up everyday. and has 15 pending court cases. sends me perverse/ threatening text, and emails, which i saved most of. he has followed/stalked me many times.has an obsession with me, and scares and intimidates me. the state isnt done working on my case yet, and has drawn up no parenting or financial plan yet. i only want him to have supervised visits with me and maybe even someone from the state there. i dont feel comfortable with him being around me or my baby alone...... EVER. please give me some advice on what my rights are, and what i can do to insure all he gets is supervised visitation.

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Please consider going to the Kent Regional Justice Center and getting a protective order to keep this person away from you. That will give you time to contact the King County Bar and see if you qualify for help from the Family Law program. They don't take everybody but they might be able to help you.

The only thing in your narrative that really worries me is the drinking. People who are drunk should not be caring for newborns. You can ask the Court to restrict his parenting until he sobers up. But his other issues . . well, there are plenty of people with no business sense who are nonetheless good parents. But persons without licences should not be driving with kids in the car.

Hope this helps. Elizabeth Powell

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