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Violation of protection order amended to disorderly conduct effect on citizenship and deportation

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I had 2 violation of protection order during my divorce/child custody due to false accusation from my ex-wife.One was dismissed other was amended to disorderly conduct that i agreed to(convicted).For the disorderly conduct I was given a suspended probation of 1 year(underlying sentence was max 30 day prison for disorderly conduct, misdemenor level C).My probation ended 4 years ago. I just filed naturalization and had my FP done.I have paid child support and taxes on time and submitted proof of that.No other issues for my entire life.I also submitted letters from my ex stating that both the cases were due to her misunderstanding and mistake and other numerous letters from people attesting my good moral character.Will my naturalization be denied?Any chance of deportation during interview?Why

I came to the USA on F1 visa in 1999 and became permanent resident in 2004. This incident happened in 2006 (7 years from first admission and 2 years from becoming PR) when I filed for divorce and asked full custody of the child. I also travelled outside the country several times after this incident and had no problem during rentry (last time was just a couple of months ago). 1. Do you think since I filed my citizenship and provided all the details for the cases with my n400 application will trigger a deportation? 2. What does immigration takes into account for deportation-- final conviction (disorderly conduct) or initial charges(violation of protection oder)? 3. Does any dismissed charge pose any threats in this regards? Appreciate any answers on this regards. I filed my N400 through a immigration lawyer but looking the the answers I feel that he may not be competent as he has only one year of expereince as a lawyer.

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deportation DURING interview? No. Other than that, the possibilities depend on what happened and when. Violations of protection orders can carry serious immigration consequences. You should take all of your paperwork to an immigration attorney in your area and have a detailed discussion. Good Luck.

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final outcome of the cases was one disorderly conduct conviction and it happend in 2006 and probation ended in feb 2008. I did travel outside the country several times and I was not bared from entering into the country because of this. I checked with three lawyers and they all have different opinions. I am completely confused. Feels like I am getting doubly punshied for something that I did not do. Any suggestions?


You should have consulted an attorney before sending away the N-400. Nobody can exactly predict what will happen in an interview, but an attorney can evaluate your case history to see what might happen.

Violation of a protection order can be a deportable offense, and it also could be a bar to naturalization.

Go and get a consultation.

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I agree with the other attorneys. You should retain a lawyer to make sure there is not going to be issues as a result of the conviction.

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