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Violation of Probation in Cobb County, GA

Marietta, GA |

Violated probation by not paying fine for one month, she completed all community service and jail time.

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Well, I would need to understand more about your case but, having said that, you can have "technical" violations and "substantive" violations. This would be a technical violation. Her probation officer can serve her with a peitition in order to have a hearing and try to revoke some or all of her time. In Ga, you should not go to jail for an inability to pay fines but, if she failed to report, that's another issue. Whether she admits to the violation(s) or has a hearing and is found to have violated, the judge can decide what happens based upon a recommendation from the P.O. If she only missed a payment, then it is very possible that the judge will just continue her on probation and give her a certain timeframe in which to catch-up. Based upon the limited information provided, I recommend that she contact an attorney, who can consult with her and represent her at the hearing.