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Violate probation with his first dirty urine

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put on probation in january dropped an dirty urine in april when he went to see his probation officer. checked in may with a clean urine. he only had one dirty urine, why is he sittin waiting on a hearing and what sentence will be imposed?

his original charge was a drug charge

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He is waiting for a hearing because he did not abide by probation. The courts takei their orders very seriously. He is still committing criminal acts when he knows he is on probation. Unfortunately, he "only had one dirty urine" is one to many. His sentence The depends on what Judge he has and what is on his previous record. Most Judges won't jail you for the first violation, however, a few will. Give me a call to provide me with the name and the Judge in order to provide me with his name, judge and what is on his record. 216-228-1166


your best bet is to discuss this with a criminal law attorney in your area. You can call the local bar association for a referral to a criminal lawyer. You can also contact your local legal aid society to see if you qualify for representation. Bottom line, at least discuss this with a criminal law attorney - the consultation should be free.

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By failing to pass a drug test, your friend committed a probation violation. Probation violators are held without bail until their hearing on the violation. The Judge has several options when sentencing someone who has violated probation. Originally, when the Judge sentenced your friend, he probably gave him jail time and a fine but suspended it so that your friend could complete probation. The Judge may impose the jail time and fines that he or she suspended to allow your friend to complete probation.

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