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Vie been married for 11 years and two years ago I received my residency but I found out she has been cheating on me

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when I married her she was a resident and we filed for my paper work but two years ago she became a us citizen and I got my residency I found out that she has been cheating on me and I want to divorce her but mi afraid I might loose my legal documents if I do that ? can you please let me know how and what I can do so I don't loose my documents ? we have two daughters together a 20 year old and a 12 year old can you please advice me ? thank you

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Did you get a conditional green card (valid for two years) or your permanent residence (green card valid for 10 years)? If you have your permanent green card, then you shouldn't need to worry about having to explain your marital issues to an immigration officer. If you only have your conditional green card, then you'll have to get the conditions removed. If you aren't married to her anymore at that point, you won't lose your green card if you can prove that your marriage was in good faith from the beginning -- that you weren't getting married just for immigration purposes. As long as that's the case, then you don't need to worry about losing your documents.

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