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Video altered

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It was dubbed in with sirens that sounded like firetrucks going to a 10 car wreck on interstate. No sirens going when I was stopped for touching white line with two left tires. If I use a forensic expert, does the inaccuracy of the video question the vality of officer? I've already won my ALR hearing. Jude ruled out probable cause for stop.

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This question is best answered by your attorney. Did your attorney represent you at the ALR hearing ? The reason I am asking , is because your attorney knows the case better than any of us. How does the sound on the video effect your case? Without viewing the video, and knowing more about the facts,no one can intelligently answer your question. The ruling of no probable cause at the ALR hearing may help you convince a prosecutor not to move forward. However,the judge of the County Court, is not bound by the decision of the administrative court. Hopefully, you will call your attorney and make an appointment to visit with him or her and have them answer your questions. They should,after all, have the answers you seek. Good luck.

James R. "Jim" Butler,Houston,Texas,DWI Lawyer. Free Consultation .Call (713)236-8744. I only represent people accused of DWI in Texas. My answer is based upon the limited amount of information supplied in your question. The answers I give on this site are intended for general educational purposes only. If you already have an attorney, I always suggest that you consult with that attorney first.


If an expert testified that the tape was altered, obviously this would call the State's credibility into question. Whether it's the arresting officer or someone else who was alleged to have altered the tape, I don't know. Your attorney will know how to handle this matter legally.

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Yes, it would call the state's honesty into question. It may be hard to prove. I assume you have an attorney. If not you need to get one.

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