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Victim of marriage fraud for green card, where is the justice? How likely is it to get permanent green card after using someone?

Boston, MA |

I was a victim of marriage fraud for green card and I feel like there is no justice. I was brainwashed and manipulated, blackmailed and forced into marriage by this guy. I found out he was using me 6 months later. He dragged out the divorce under threats for almost a year. We still divorced before 2 years. I wanted annulment but he threatened me against it.

I reported all of this to immigration, including that he cheated on me here and that he had a gf in his country the whole time and that he is engaged to her now and wants to bring her here. I am now in therapy and on meds because of the pain I suffered. I reported everything to immigration. He has to apply by himself with waiver. How likely is it that he will get the permanent green card? He has the conditional green card.

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Although you did not say so, I assume you are a USC. He will need to prove that there was no marriage fraud and that it was a good faith marriage that ended in divorce. You reported the situation to USCIS and they will handle the case as they see fit. Their job is to process immigration applications. If he can prove that, despite your letter, the marriage was bona fide, the conditional status will be removed. If not, he will have a problem. There is no way any of us can tell from your post whether there was sufficient indicia of a good faith marriage for him to remove the conditions.


What happened to you was unfortunate but you have done all you possibly can by reporting the facts to USCIS. Whether or not your ex-husband is successful in removing the conditions will depend on the kind of evidence he presents at the time of his filing. I hope you are able to move on with your life with the help that you are now receiving.