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Verifying if a company is legitimate

Orlando, FL |

I received a notification from a group call Graham Group, LLC and they stated I was due a cash reimbursement. They asked for a copy of a valid id. They also stated that for anyone believing they were scammers to go to, go to credentials and it would take me to the appropriate State of Florida licensing page. They listed their license number as A2400037. They had my former address and listed the last four digits of my SS#. How does one research to find out if a company is legitimate?

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Do what they say. Go to the State website and view their license information. Some months ago I did exactly that with this company. I believe I found that it was some woman or couple working out of their home but what they are doing is legal and is not unusual. (I don't know them and make no endorsement of them.) They track down the owners or heirs of money being held by the state as abandoned property. For a percentage of that money they will help free it up and get it to you. They are lost heir locators. Of course, you don't need them to get your money from the state. Go to Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink's website and click on the appropriate button and then look up your name. You would be surprised: usually they consist of bank accounts with a few dollars left in them or utility deposits that were abandoned years ago. Bank accounts that belonged to a deceased relative and that weren't discovered by the heirs after their death. After 3 years of inactivity the bank is required to turn the money over to the state.
You can make your own claim and they will send you the documents to prove that the property is yours.

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