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Vehicle Damage by HAIL on Sunnday Day [claim by Rental Car] but there was no Hail and it was Sunnyday

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I rented a vehicle for one day and after 3 months I received a letter from the Risk Management company for the rented vehicle saying that the vehicle had HAIL DAMAGE.
During that day I drove the vehicle with so cautious that I know there was no damage at all and now they say the vehicle had hail damage. but I'm surprised with their statement because I drove the vehicle on Sunny day. There was no rain, no snowfall, road was very clean and it was a Sunny Day and also the weather shows that the weather was clean
What should I do?

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I would contact the rental company and your insurance carrier in order to sort this out. Also, find and print out a reputable weather report for your area and keep it for possible future use.



If they can't prove that there was NO Hail during that day or night, will they still blame me for the damage that was done by Hail? The Claim says that there was HAIL Damage



I mean will I still be liable for the Hail damage? What if somebody else rented that vehicle during snow time or bad weather and the damage was done by them?


Tell them that and advise them to get the weather records.


Report it to your insurance company to resolve

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