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Vc 23140 dismissed-Can I get my license back?

Orange, CA |
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VC 23140 is used for charging someone under 21 years old who has a .05% BAC or more. Congratulations on getting the case dismissed. Assuming that is a court dismissal, you still have DMV to deal with. DMV has a different burden of proof and you need to win that hearing to avoid the minimum one year suspension. If you win DMV, you can get your license back.

You should consult with a DUI lawyer if you have not done so already. Under 21 DMV hearings are often very difficult to win.


Possibly, but it's not automatic just because you got the VC 23140 dismissed.

My advice is to retain an attorney for the DMV hearing. As the previous answer indicated, they are hard to win.

Best wishes,

Jason Beahm
Beahm Law
San Francisco, CA