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VC 15620- non correctable DMV violation on criminal background check

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my wifey and I were cited with VC 15620 leaving a child under 6 unattended in a motor vehicle. We were given a non correctable DMV violation which showed infraction and a court date in the next two weeks. is it going to show up in criminal background check and is it reportable to the board of nursing as we are both nurses?

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Consider yourself lucky that you were not cited for an offense more serious. Leaving a child in an unattended vehicle is dangerous. Get an attorney. This potentially could show up in background check. Speak with attorney Christine McCall regarding this. She is a licensing attorney expert .
Meanwhile you will have to deal with pending infraction. Get an attorney !

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Possibly, because of your profession (as it relates to licensing issues), although an infraction is not a crime. Be thankful you weren't cited for misdemeanor (or felony) child endangerment and hire yourself a quality, locally experienced, criminal defense attorney to assist.

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You were very lucky they didn't charge you with a more serious offense. I have handled cases like this before in the Vista courthouse. An infraction doesn't usually cause licensing issues but I would check with Christine McCall as well.
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I agree with my colleagues. It is best to consult an attorney immediately. Good luck

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