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VAWA and applying for citizenship after three years.

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I got my green card three years ago through VAWA and I am going to apply for my citizenship soon. Do I need to write a cover letter explaining that I qualify to apply for citizenship after three years and not five? Is there any special steps that need to be followed when applying for citizenship based on VAWA or just the normal steps? Which option should be chosen on the N400? If its "other" what should be written there?

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No, no "cover letter"'accompanying the N-400 is needed or necessary. Just follow the "normal" steps.
Select "other" and type in the same "class of admission" you read on your green card, or simply type: "VAWA".

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I am thinking about just typing"VAWA, Abuser USC" Do you think that is enough? Another thing, do they usually ask questions about the abuse and the I-360 again? Should I be prepared for these type of question again? Thanks


I agree with my Colleague, USCIS is well aware of the VTVPA amending INA section 3 19(a) which allows for VAWA applicants to apply for naturalization after 3 years of being a Permanent Resident.


No need of cover letter.

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