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Vacation with Children during a divorce

Tacoma, WA |

I am taking a trip to California from Washington State for 10 days next month for a Family Reunion. I read through the parenting plan that we have and it doesn't state anything about telling the other parent about the trip. Under 3.6 (Vacation time with Parents) it doesn't state any restrictions whatsoever. The trip is durring my time with our children and will not interupt his visitations at all. So i guess my question is do I have to tell my soon to be ex anything at all?

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If your agreement has no travel restrictions during your parenting time, and the trip won't result in missing school, you may not be required to tell your ex about the trip, but it is generally not a wise idea to leave the state with the children without telling the other parent where you will be, as many parents assume the worst if they can't reach the children.

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