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Utility easements and tree removal

Plymouth Meeting, PA |

I have an easement in my backyard due to power lines. The utility company has informed me that my row of pine trees that I planted a few years ago, need to be removed as they state they are too close to the power lines. I've lived in my home for 10 years and have never had this situation occur before. I do not want to remove my pine trees as they cost me considerable money and time to plant a few years ago. I am in PA. I would appreciate any suggestions so that I won't have to remove or have my trees removed.

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Do you know where the power line easement boundary is? If not, ask them to provide a plan showing the easement.

They have no right to require you to remove the whole tree, but only the portion that is trespassing. Nevertheless, pines grow fast and you may end up removing the tree if too much of it encroaches. if you can still transplant them, you may want to move them far enough away that you can keep them out of the right of way by pruning.

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