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Use of UCC 3-419 and House Joint Resolution J92 and Public Law 73-10

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I came across an organization which initially would use forensic audit of my loan documents to find violations of consumer protection laws like RESPA, TILA etc and use it as leverage to negotiate a low price for the property then pay it off and give a new loan from the investors. This seemed feasible, however, now they asked us to sign documents with notary which they would send to six different government agencies including the Dept of the Treasury and use the questionable UCC 3-419 and HJR J92 and Public Law 73-10 to have the loans paid off completely and get us the deed of trust fully paid!!!! They told us not to make any more payments starting from next month. We would then have a small loan with them! PLEASE ADVISE SINCE WE ARE CONFUSED AND DO NOT WANT TO INCUR ANY FRAUD LIABILITIES.

Has this law, which goes to the roots of the setting up of social security numbers and the related resposibility of the State, ever been successfully tried out and what are the consequences. Thanks

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No lawyer in his or her right mind is going to answer this question online. It would be impossible to render any quality legal advice without reviewing the applicable documents and analyzing the advice given to you by your other law firm (and one cannot be sure it is a law firm since you have referred to it as an "organization" - which raises other issues). It certainly sounds like you need the advice of a lawyer and that means making an appointment, sitting down with the relevant documents, and probably paying for the lawyer's time. My firm is in Orange County, we could help, if you are interested.

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