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Use/delivery of paraphernalia

Bremerton, WA |

can i be deported and if so can i apply for a waiver, cancellation or suspension of deportation. I have children and my husband are us citizens. I have no previous criminal history.

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Attorney answers 3


You should consult with an experienced deportation attorney. Depending on how DHS charges the case and your personal immigration history, you may or may not be eligible for a waiver or other forms of relief. If the criminal proceedings are still pending, have your criminal defense attorney consult with an experienced immigration attorney prior to proceeding any further. The attorney may be able to fashion a plea that will not trigger immigration consequences.


This is a little complex. Basically you need a criminal defense and immigration attorney working together because it involves a lot of overlap.


I agree that you need to speak to a criminal attorney and an immigration expert. A skilled criminal attorney can assist you in minimizing the damage from your charge. There are ways to avoid a conviction in many cases of this type, when the stakes are so high. Do not go forward without experienced counsel with you!