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USCIS Request for Evidence. Evidence request is irrelevant since they already have it, but we still need a professional advice.

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As a legal permanent resident (LPR) I filed a petition for my wife under F2A category during the month of August - September 2013. We just received a Request for Evidence (RFE) asking for us to "Submit evidence to established that the petitioner on the Form I-130 is a United States citizen". And evidence can include birth certificate etc.
I don't know why USCIS is asking for that since in the application, petition specifically indicated that the he is a Green Card Holder adding copies of green card (front and back) to the application packet. We wanted to reply with copies of petitioners birth certificate and photocopied green card, but a professional advice will go a long way to make sure we aren't confused about what they asking for.Please advice me

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Make sure you originally filled out the I-130 correctly, then resend again the proof of your LPR status, with a cover letter explaining the confusion.

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You must respond to the RFE even if the USCIS issued it in error, since a failure to respond will result in automatic denial of the I-130.


You surely do, but you cannot get one on AVVO. It would not be possible.

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you need to reply with all the evidence requested in one reply even though you believe the rfe not to be relevant