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US visa was denied due to not returning video games to video store. Can I obtain the county arest record to prove not a crime?

El Paso, TX |

In 1993 I rented nintendo video games, which I forgot to return. My ex got arrested for a crime she commited and they pressed charges against me for not returning the video games. After the court date I told the judge that I was going to look for them and return them. After bail I found the video games, returned to the cops during court date, and I got put in jail due to INS having deportation proceedings against me. After being deported and living in mexico for a while, US visa officers in Mexico denied my visa since they said I was a criminal. How can my relatives obtain my arrest records to prove I did nothing wrong?? (since case was dismissed, arrest records may be hard to obtain and I was about 19 years old)???

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Your relatives should go the county or city that you were originally charged for and request the records. You will probably have to sign a release to allow someone else to obtain the records.

If you were in the U.S. unlawfully when you were arrested, the fact that you were not charged may not matter as it would still make you inadmissible. You should consult an immigration attorney to help you with your case and see if there is any form of relief for you to return to the U.S.

Gabriela M. Lopez, Esq.

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