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Us citizen want to imagrate my husband

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If your husband is currently outside the United States and, assuming he is not inadmissible*, you have some options.

1) Consular Processing: Here you can file a petition for for him in the U.S. and thereafter have him scheduled to be interviewed at the U.S. consular office in his country or region.

2) K-3 Visa: Here, similar to the above process, you would initiate a petition(s) by filing here in the U.S., however, in this case, your husband would be scheduled for a consular interview to obtain a non-immigrant visa to come to the U.S. were he would then file to adjust status and obtain a green card. (See #3 below) The K-3 process will typically (though not always) get the alien spouse to the U.S. more quickly.

3) Adjustment of Status: If your husband is currently in the United States and was inspected and admitted or is eligible under INA section 245(i), you can file an adjustment of status package along with your petition. Once filed and accepted he may obtain an Employment Authorization Document to legal work while awaiting his interview and approval for lawful permanent residence.

*You should also be aware that certain crimes, acts and illnesses may make one ineligible for lawful permanent residence -- though in some cases a waiver may be available.

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