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US citizen starting a business in the US from Canada?

New York, NY |

I am a US citizen currently studying in Canada.
If would like to start a business, however my location is Canada, would it be possible to REMOTELY launch a business in the US while in Canada?
Please let me know about the prerequisites for starting a business in the US. For example do I need a bank account? and do I need an official workspace (property) rented/bought in the name of the company? Or can I just work from my apartment in Canada/USA?
Important information: I was born in Chicago (Illinois) and plan to start the business in either New York or San Fransisco, and currently I am in Toronto (Ontario).
Thank you.

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It is possible to remotely start a business while you are physically in Canada. But since you are probably on a student visa in Canada, you need to check Canadian law to see if you are authorized to work there. The self-employment may be frowned upon by the Canadian authority.

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Thank you. The Canadian law does NOT let people on work permits start their own business. Given such a law, could a second person (Canadian) start a business and have me hold the entire stake of the company in the background? Legal?

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