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Us citizen petitioning for parents who came to US legally but overstayed their visa and worked illegally

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Do they have to file I-485 Supplement A? They were admitted into US with tourist visa. I-485 Supplement A says:
"You do not have to submit Supplement A to Form I-485 if you:
C. Are applying to adjust status as the spouse or unmarried minor child of a US citizen or the parent of a US citizen child at least 21 years of age, and you were inspected and lawfully admitted to the United States other than in C-1 or S nonimmigrant status."
However, it also says in I-485:
"you are not eligible for adjustment of status if any of the following apply to u:
D. Your authorized stay expired before you filed this application;
E. You were employed in the United States without USCIS authorization prior to filing this application;
F. You failed to maintain your nonimmigrant status, other than through no faul

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Your parents are considered immediate relatives and therefore should not have issue adjusting status. No 485A should be needed

I would contact an attorney to confirm this

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You are going to need to speak with an attorney and it is recommended you hire one. Feel free to contact me for a free consultation.