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Upward modification

Bellport, NY |

In my original separation agreement it states that my ex is supposed to pay half my mortgage and 765.00 to the car payment in lieu of child support. I have since found out he falsified the documents and attached something I signed to a document that stated all he had to pay was 765.00 per month. He has since stop paying the mortgage so I have applied for an upward modification since he is not paying 17% he makes 120,000 a year. I had one attorney tell me that my reasons for an upward modification were not good enough - never agreed to the 765.00 alone it was to include the half of the mortgage which was an additional 2,000 a month. I have since had to apply for a mortgage modification so that I don't loose my house.I was shocked when the attorney told me that how can he get away with it

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It isn't a question of "getting away with it" but more of whether you made a bad agreement, and, if so, when you made it and what the circumstances were.

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