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Upfront fees for loan modification

Woodland Hills, CA |

A company (in California) charged us upfront fees to prepare documents and apply for loan modification. Is it legal for them to charge upfront fees? Is it legal to charge upfront fees for document preparation alone?

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After the passage of Senate Bill 94 in 2009, the law in California is that it is illegal for any person, including attorneys, real estate brokers, corporations, partnerships, or any licensed or unlicensed person to charge or collect any advance, up-front, or retainer fee, or any type of pre-payment compensation, for loan modification work or services.

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Can companies get around the law if they claim that they are performing document preparation only?


I agree with Attorney Chen. I have seen recently very crafty contracts for loan modification services that attempt to circumvent SB 94, by labeling the services as "document preparation". At the end of it all, it is still loan mod services - you know the old saying: If it looks like a duck . . .

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