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Unwed trying to get paternity and child support of my newborn, father not complying.

Saint Louis, MO |

unwed 3 year relationship and I got pregnant and he bailed, he wants nothing to do with our child, he signed an agreement stating he would take paternity test, pay child support and basically leave him alone after that. I have contacted him by legal to get him to comply and he refuses to even respond. If I take him to court for this can I have him cover the legal costs since he is not complying to his agreement? He is purposely making this hard on me, costing me allot. He has money and I don't, I have had complications during my pregnancy and my baby is only 2 weeks old so I have no income coming in. Father also lives in another state so making it even more costly and time consuming. I don't want to spend arm and leg just to get a child support check when we have an agreement.

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If you cannot afford an attorney try calling child support enforcement and they may be able to help you get a child support order. This state agency will not help you with custody matters.

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