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Unwanted Emails: How to stop them?

New York, NY |

I have a guy who keeps sending me emails. This stated in 2008, stopped in 2010 and started back up in August 2012. As soon as it started I emailed him several times saying that I wasn't interested and to stop emailing. He obviously didn't listen. So I setup an email rule to move them to an archival folder; just in case they were ever needed and so I wouldn't have to see them. I haven’t replied to his since. To illustrate the frustration: Today I got 9 emails so far. One of them was his notification that he had committed me (as if had any power over me) to vote for Obama.

The guy seems to be in India (which is a relief for me) but stated that he was looking for a US visa.

Is there a way to stop him from sending those emails? To make sure a visa is not granted(not sure if he is violent)?

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I would contact my email provider/server/service and ask how to block his domain from sending me anything at all.


Use your email program to classify his emails as "junk" and filter them out. Then you don't even have to see them unless you go out of your way to look for them.

This guy probably has many imaginary "relationships" and clearly doesn't need any encouragement to continue them.

If ignoring the emails still bugs you, change your email address.

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Other than setting up a way to block him, there is not much you can do to stop it if he is out of the country. If he were here you could probably get him arrested for aggravated harassment.

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