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Unresolved Fix it ticket in california

Gering, NE |

I recently moved from the san francisco area to nebraska, but before 2 days before I left I received a ticket for not having a license on the front of my car. I tried to take care of it and got the papers signed but was informed that i wouldnt even be in the system for 3 months. i went on with my move and recently tried to get my new drivers licence and was told I had to call the california DMV. I was informed that I had to pay a 55 reinstatement fee and appear in court to resolve my fix it ticket or pay 1410$ if i do not show. Is there anyway I can get around this? Will I have more fees waiting for me if/when I fly back to california?

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Attorney answers 1


Call an "attorney service"--a courier that makes courthouse runs for attorneys. See if they will take your signed off ticket to the clerk's window or ask a friend to do it.