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Unpaid medical bills from 2009 not on my credit report

Chicago, IL |

Hi, I racked up a medical debt of 10,000 dollars when I worked in the states in 2009 with a J 1 Visa. I have not received any letters from debt collectors and I ran a credit report on experian which has nothing on it. If I came back to work the states with a J 1 visa, will I be ok or will I open a can of worms?

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Medical providers are not required to report to the Credit Reporting Agencies.


What appears or does not appear on a credit report is meaningless. With medical debt, it is who you owe when it comes to getting a Visa. If a public hospital, you may be excluded from returning without a sponsor's affidavit of support. Hope this perspective helps!


As to the debt collection question, the time you were away would toll the statute of limitations, should a creditor start collections; however first they have to find you, which may be a cold trail, unless you help them with collections information.
As to the effect on immigration status, that question may be better answered by posting the question in that category.
Good luck

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