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Unpaid Commissions - Retaliation

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I am transferring within company after my Manager and Regional lied to me and said I couldn't because of sale of location. HR told me that was not true and I can transfer. Ever since I was approved for transfer and made a few good faith complaints my Manager has been finding ways to rip me off on my Commissions. She is saying my files are incorrect or missing when there are emails documenting why they are incorrect and/or missing including someone stealing file out of my desk. This is the 3rd time this is happening and I want to sue , will anyone here take the case?

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If you can prove that your employer unlawfully withheld commissions you may be able to sue. You can also try and file a claim for unpaid wages with the CT Department of Labor. I would start there first because unless there's a very large amount of money you are owed, it may not make sense to sue and you will find it difficult to find legal representation.


More information is needed pertaining to how you were being ripped off and what you were entitled to in terms of a commission. Under the circumstances, it would be in your best interest to talk to an attorney to fully vet the facts of your situation so that you can obtain a full understanding of what your legal rights might be. Moreover, it is quit possible that you may not be the only one this is happening to. Most lawyers would probably give you a free preliminary consultation.

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