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Unmarried rights of Mother, with father on birth certificate? HELP

Chardon, OH |

I was wondering if you could help me out? I don't have any money to go talk to a lawyer in person.
I'm 16 and I have a 3 week old son. The father is 19. He has not bought anything for my son, and only has seen him twice since him being born. He signed the acknowledgment of paternity. Our son has his last name, and he also signed the birth certificate. I live in Ohio.
I filed for child-support from him the other day.
I was just wondering, who has custody? Do I have sole custody or do we have 50/50? I'm afraid I will let him take him for a night and the father refuses to give him back. Any info would be really appreciated!!

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In Ohio, an unmarried mother has sole legal custody of a child born outside of marriage. The father has no legal relationship with the child until he asks the court for an order establishing a father-child relationship and an order regarding parenting time.

So, until the father asks the court to grant him parenting time or custody, you have sole custody of your son.

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