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Unmarried father in CA looking for custody options and rights advise. I pay 90%+ to bills food and essentials. son is 1yrs old

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She takes him out of state every couple of months for a couple of months to be with her family. So I have only been able to see him for about 7 months out of the year. I work and go to school. if we separate she will live in other state and I will stay in CA. I love my son very much and would rather things work out between the both of us but she refuses to work on things. She does some questionable things small drug use and unfaithful actions. son was born in CA. I want to take an active role in his life by what ever means.

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You have what is called a "Paternity" case--meaning that you and the mother of your child are unmarried. What you need to do is file a Paternity Action in order to establish a custody and visitation schedule. Filing the Paternity Action will also prevent her from leaving the state of California without your consent or a Court Order. My fear is that she may eventually decide to leave the state to be closer to her family. If you wait until that happens, then you will have a much weaker case than if you begin the process now and establish a custody and visitation schedule as well as a child support order.

With regard to child support, what you need to know is that child support in the state of California is calculated based on a mathematical formula and is largely based on 2 factors: 1) the amount of time each parent spends with the child, and 2) the relative incomes of both parents. It is impossible to say without additional facts whether the amount you are already paying is more or less than what guideline child support will be.

I suggest that you begin educating yourself on the law, and speak with an experienced family law attorney to assist you in beginning your Paternity Action. I am including links below which may be of some help. Good luck to you!

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I guess my main worry is She may not come back to CA if things dont pick up. Im wondering if what they say is really true about possession being9/10ths of the law and what is the best option for me if that were the case.


You can make this easy for your spouse, or difficult. The drug use, if brought to the court's attention would certainly make a difference. Aside from the legal issues raised, would your infant son be safe with someone doing drugs? You can certainly seek physical custody of your son, a custody evaluation may be helpful to you in this case.

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Thank you! I guess my largest worry is if she somehow is trying to get residency out of state with my son while shes out there if thats going to cause any problems? I know they say possession is 9/10ths of the law.

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