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Unlicensed Operator Ticket in New York 509-1 (but I have a valid license)

New York, NY |

I was pulled over in New York and did not have a drivers license on me. I do, however, have a valid drivers license, I just didn't have it on my person at the time. I received a ticket in the mail for $230.00 even though I sent in a copy of my valid drivers license to the NC/TPVA.

Do I still have to pay this fine if I already sent in my proof of valid license?

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You should go to that court and ask to conference the case. You should easily be able to get it dismissed by showing a copy of your license.

Feel free to call me if you have any further questions.

Matthew Weiss


As to the addendum, normally if you want to fight a case, you have to appear in the court. You could call the court to see if there is another way, such as sending a copy of your license along with proof that it is currently valid and a sworn affidavit from yourself that you do have a license. But they can insist that you appear if you want to contest the charge. If you fail to appear, your license may then be suspended.

You could hire an attorney who might or might not be able to fight the case without you personally appearing. This might cost more than the fine.

The cost to you to fight the case, between gas and time off, may be nearly as much (or more) than simply paying the fine. It's your call how much it matters to you.

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on first appearance in court the proof of the valid drivers licens should properly lead to a dismissal on first appearance, to ensure this happens have a copy of a DMV abstract showing any suspensions/ revocations and reinstatements of your drivers license as further proof that at the time of the incident you did have a valid drivers license with no suspensions or revocations