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Unknowingly was video taped while having sex.

Washington, PA |

February of 2008 I met a celebrity of which was infatuated with. He engaged in providing alochol to myself and some other friends of mine I was 19 at the time. Later that night, many drinks later I was taken back to his hotel and we proceeded to have sex. Once we were finished and I got off the bed he went right to the computer (lap top), when I looked over his shoulder I saw movie clips with nude persons. He quickly shut the computer and told me to go lay down. I asked him about it again the next day and he denied it, left the hotel and flew away, I do not his phone number or anyway to contact him. I civilly tried to contact his manager and have had no luck. Is there anything I can do? It has been driving me insane thinking this person has me on film without my consent.

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You were in a private place controlled by another person, I see no recourse unless you can show you were so incapacitated that you could not consent to having sex. Additionally, if this happened many years ago, you may have waited too long to raise any civil claim.

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Was it Charlie Sheen? or was it R Kelly? All kidding aside, the previous poster is correct that you probably have no recourse and based on your statement, there seems no doubt that the sex was consensual. However, if you one day find your video on the internet, that is another story and you should contact an attorney immediatley. Hopefully that won't happen and this celebrity just uses that recording for his own amusement.

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