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Unfortunately,I've been arrested for 1st time OUI.I've been told that at hearing I can speak w/a DA.Should I obtain DUI Atty?

Hartland, WI |

As I've never been in this situation before, I have a lot of questions re: reinstating driver's license, etc. I was told by police dept. that at my hearing I would be able to speak w/a District Atty. Should I obtain a DUI lawyer prior to this or rely on the DA?

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The DA is the prosecutor who represents the state and not you. They wish to resolve their cases efficiently without exploring all of your defenses or explaining the long lasting consequences this will have on your life, job, insurance, good reputation, etc. The DA will sometimes appear very friendly and ethical, but they are not your lawyer. You absolutely must consult a lawyer in your area immediately. Even if you do not wish to take your case to trial, a lawyer has all kinds of issues they need to evaluate that could have a huge difference in the outcome if the case. Good luck.

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Jim Mitchell Medley

Jim Mitchell Medley


Get representation. Really?! Someone at the POLICE DEPT told you to just TALK TOTHE DA?! Wow.


The DA is not your friend. The DA is the prosecutor trying to punish you for what he alleges to be a crime. First mistake is listening to a police officer. The cop is not your friend. The cop ARRESTED you and accused you of a crime. THEY DO NOT WANT YOU TO GET A LAWYER.

Lawyers make them work. Lawyers make them do their jobs correctly. Lawyers make them obey the Constitution. Lawyers work to reduce punishments and save driver's licenses.

Get a lawyer to help you. If you do not, you will regret it.

Good luck.


Please note that any DA assigned to your OUI pending case is NOT your attorney and DOES NOT represent your legal interests, but the interests of the State of Wisconsin or that county. Retain a counsel to protect your valuable driving privileges.

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You need an experienced attorney to help you. OWIs have many time sensitive deadlines and administrative appeal deadlines that require experience to successfully navigate. An attorney can be a skilled negotiator and get you the best offer if you do not want to go to trial.

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