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Unfair work environment what to do?

Monmouth, IL |

There has always been alot of discrimination towards american citizen to get a job were i work. Before they use to hire alot of hispanics and alot of them had fake papers. Most hispanic are being fired for not having legitimate papers. If they do have papers they are being harrased by the supervisor and the person in human resources never helps. While all of that is happening they are hiring mostly africans and very little of other. They made the jobs so much harder and benefits are being downsized. This is one of the company's that pay more but the job and situation is getting very unbearable. I saw an article about the company being investigated.

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It's not clear whether you are an Hispanic, but if you are, and you have documentation or are a citizen, you might contact the EEOC and see if there really is an ongoing investigation or not. Often that's just a persistent rumor that has no basis in fact. There's a very real possibility that the company's reacting to immigration regulations and pressure from ICE to make sure that jobs only go to citizens and documented aliens. If that's the case, you've got no basis to complain because the company's simply following federal law. Good luck!

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